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Should You Ask Your Friends to Film Your Wedding?

Friends to Film My Wedding

One of the most common questions we get asked by people who are considering booking is "isn't it too much to ask of my friends to film my wedding?" Our reply? "Hell no!"

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New Website Goes Live

Shoot It Yourself New Website Launch


We've come a long way since the 2010 days of Comic Sans and stickmen! We thought this might be a cool moment to share our company story. Continue reading

Brides Reveal Their Wedding Video Regrets


"I hate my wedding video" said one bride in a recent video poll conducted to gauge people's perceptions of wedding videograpy!

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Wedding Camera Timetable

Wedding Camera TimetableMake sure that your filmers are in the right place at the right time with our nifty Shoot It Yourself Wedding Camera Timetable. Continue reading

Best Wedding Dresses of 2015!

Best Wedding Dresses of 2015

Having produced over 300 wedding videos last year, we've LOVED checking out all the gorgeous wedding dresses in the wedding footage. We decided to make a mini montage of the best wedding dresses of 2015 for you to enjoy!

Music for Your Wedding Video


Picking music for your wedding video can be tricky! Which is why we've created a Spotify playlist with a list of all our favourite music which would be great in your Shoot It Yourself wedding video!

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Win A Dream Honeymoon to Saint Lucia!

Saint Lucia Honeymoon

Book a wedding video package with Shoot It Yourself before the end of March 2015, and enter our prize draw to win a seven night honeymoon with, staying at the luxurious Ladera Resort!

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OK Go Music Video Filmed Using Drone Cam!


As big lovers of all things video, when this popped up on our news feed we knew we had to share! Not only is it an amazingly catching song, the music video was filmed using drone cameras and features some umbrella choreography which must have taken years in the planning!

Best Wedding Entrance Dance EVER!

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.39.17

Newlyweds Nick and Nina REALLY know how to rock a wedding entrance! This gorgeous couple began their special day by dancing down the aisle in true Shoot It Yourself style and had everyone on their feet clapping and singing along!

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Like and Share to Win a Free Preview Package!

Shoot It Yourself Competition

It's not every month that we're as excited about a competition as we are this month! We've had a huge response to Facebook competitions in the past with hundreds of people liking and sharing our page in order to be in the running for a free preview package which we've selected at random.

This month is different!

It's the ultimate 'like' race and the first couple with 400 likes next to their comment on the competition post wins a free preview package worth £450. It's as simple as that! The only catch is that the likes will only be counted if your friends and family like our page too. Neat huh?!

So good luck to all you SIY wannabes and we can't wait to see how you popular folks get on.

"RUDE Cover (The Dad's Side of the Story)"

When the American band Magic released a song all about asking a father if he could marry his daughter, we knew that it would feature heavily in our wedding videos this summer. When this video popped on our YouTube stream today it had us in stitches - watch this father's response to the lyrics!

"Why you gotta call me rude, I'm doing what a dad should do. Keep her from a fool like you....marry that girl, I'm going to punch your face!"

Undress Me Video

When this video popped up on our Facebook newsfeed we knew that we had to share! This made us giggle, cringe and want to fall in love all over again. Share! It'll make you feel good ;-)

The Mumpreneurs Behind Shoot It Yourself


If you receive an email from us out of office hours, fortunately we're not hunched over our desks at the office, but we are in fact sat in front of the TV on our laptops and the adverts have come on!

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Awesome New Extras Go LIVE!

Awesome Extras JPEG

Its been a busy week for us here at SIY with the launch of our new awesome extras on the website and the arrival of the lovely Kate, who is our new Head of Customer Happiness! A recent survey of our previous clients revealed that LOADS of them would have LOVED the option of unlimited filming time and more defined chapters such as a Video Diary Chapter or a Marryoke Chapter.

Watch this awesome video diary clip!


Unlimited Filming Time

They also told us how much they enjoyed the graphics package and would have enjoyed the option of a few more gimmicks - cue the GoPro extreme sports camera and the gorilla pod! Video to explain the extras coming soon but they are now available to book in your client area of the website or you can check out the list here.

This marryoke will have your guests giggling!

If you would like any more information about our new awesome extras, drop Kate an email at or existing clients can log into their client area of the website and add to their existing package.

Happy day and here's to even more AMAZING 'film your own' wedding videos! xx

Sarah and Si's Wedding at Stoke Place!

Shoot It Yourself

Now, what other wedding video can claim to have an ACTUAL football match (with the groom playing!) on the morning of the wedding…..Simon and Sarah can! Set in the amazing Stoke Place, this wedding delivered on ALL levels. Romance, fun, comedy but most of all, LOVE.

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Kirsty and Stuart's Wedding at Hedsor House

Hedsor House

Whilst watching Kirsty and Stuart's wedding video I actually had to stop making notes and exporting still frames as I'd taken up two pages of A4 and there was STILL more awesome footage to come! Filmed at the stunning Hedsor House, the filmers Charlie, Will and Kate did a sterling job of not just capturing the basics but all the hilarity inbetween!

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Sneak Peek at Stacey & George's Wedding Video!

Here's a few 'sneak peaks' for our new bride and groom Stacey and George, from the party town of Essex!

So what happened the night before? George and the boys decided to have a crazy night out before the day of the wedding. The groom claiming he's enjoying his last night of freedom. Any excuse to get drunk! The table was certainly filling up with many bottles and glasses of alcohol. This amount of alcohol is not advised for anyone who can't handle a tipple or two! *Cough* George! *cough*

stacey and george shoot it yourself wedding video Continue reading

Sneak Peek at Nicola & Darren's Wedding Video!


Darren and Stevens Shoot It Yourself Wedding

As you all know we don't give 'Sneak Peek's' to just anyone... Got to keep the standards high ;) And Nicola & Darren Stevens, as we hoped, did not disappoint! So here it is, their Shoot It Yourself Blog Debut! (The best wedding gift yet, right?!)

The new Mrs & Mr Stevens (YAY congratulations!) got hitched on 28th September at St Marys Winkfield and then partied the night away at the London Heathrow Marriott. And boy did they party! Standard!

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