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Wedding Video of The Week #61

Wedding Video of The Week!

Jessica and Dan stole top spot this week with their stunning wedding celebrations, held at Nancarrow Farm over in Cornwall. I fell in love with everything about their wedding - especially their venue! As well as having a BEAUTIFUL venue and just being an all around lovely couple, they filmed some brilliant wedding day footage, and even had some familiar Shoot It Yourself faces attend their wedding - I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity of featuring these two as our Wedding Video of The Week! Continue reading

Wedding Video of The Week #60!

Wedding Video of The Week!

This week we knew we had to pull something special out of the bag for our 60th BLOG POST! How awesome?! We knew we'd found a winner in Lindsey and Adam the moment we laid eyes on them (and their wedding!) - their traditional Jewish ceremony had EVERYTHING from standing on glasses, walking across lines of PEOPLE and both the Bride and Groom being thrown in the air on chairs (and blankets... and chairs on the beach!). Stay tuned for our highlights from their wedding day, plus some tips and tricks that will make your own wedding footage look amazing! Continue reading

Second Chances - Yes or No?

The infamous 'Strictly Curse' was back with a vengeance this week after comedian Seann Walsh was caught kissing his professional dance partner Katya Jones, who's married to fellow Strictly pro Neil Jones, in London on October 3rd - which happened to be his girlfriend Rebecca's birthday.

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Creating A DIY Photo Booth!

DIY Photo Booth Top Tricks and Tips!

If you hadn't already heard, we've rebranded the month of October as 'Shoot It Yourselfie' Month! For the whole month, any booking made with us will entitle you to get the hire of our selfie ring light FOR FREE! So in honour of this we've decided to dish out some of the best DIY Photo Booth Tips and Tricks to help you guys get ahead of the game and make your DIY Photo Booths look AWESOME!! Continue reading

Favourite Wedding Photo Fails!

Wedding Photo Fails!

So in honour of us launching 'Shoot It Yourselfie' Month we've decided to scour the internet in search of the worst wedding photographs EVER - and as usual Google didn't disappoint! Stay tuned for the not-so-good, the bad and the ugly of wedding photos! Continue reading

Shoot It Yourselfie Month!!

Shoot It Yourselfie Month!

So here at Shoot It Yourself we've decided to make the ENTIRETY of October 'Shoot It Yourselfie' Month! We know, genius right?  Continue reading

Wedding Video of The Week #59

Wedding Video of The Week!

These two are 100% up there with my favourite couples of all time - they're so perfect for each other it's UNREAL! From sliding down banisters, hanging out of their wedding transport, and pulling faces and any given photo opportunity, this week I absolutely knew Grace and Tom would feature as our Wedding Video of The Week! Continue reading

Why We Turned Down Dragons Den

I can't believe its been 7 years since we appeared on Dragons Den and whilst we received investment from Hilary Devey, walking away from the deal was definitely the best thing that could've happened.

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Wedding Video of The Week #58

Wedding Video Of The Week!

Wedding Video Of The Week this week comes from Polly and Zac, who got married earlier this Summer at Tyn Dwr Hall, located in the beautiful Welsh countryside. They had some brilliant wedding day footage that I know you guys couldn't miss out on!  Continue reading

Wedding Video of The Week #57

Wedding of The Week - Sophie and Joe!

So this week it was Sophie and Joe's turn to take top spot and be given the title of Wedding Video of The Week - not only do they now hold that title, earlier this year they ALSO claimed 1st prize in our '2018 Photo Competition', is there no end to these two and their award-winning wedding?! Continue reading

Free Tickets to The National Wedding Show!

Free Tickets to The National Wedding Show!

Free Tickets to The National Wedding Show?! Yep, you heard us right! We're going NWS MAD this month and are offering you lot the chance to get your hands on some FREE tickets to a show of your choice, happening this September/October! Continue reading

Wedding Video of The Week #56

Wedding Video of The Week - Ross and Hayley!

This week Ross and Hayley bagged the title of 'Wedding Video of The Week' by celebrating their big day in the best way possible - with their friends, family, a glitter bar, and an interesting theme to the day... Keep reading to find out what else they got up to, along with some superb tips and tricks that you lot need to be using when it gets to your turn! Continue reading

Top Tips for Barn Weddings - Guides for Brides Guest Blog!

Top Tips for Barn Weddings!

Barn wedding venues are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their rustic look and pretty country vibe. If you’re holding your wedding celebration, then take a look at these top tips from Guides for Brides on making the most of your barn wedding venue… Continue reading

GoPro Wedding Filming Tips!

GoPro Filming Ideas - Emily and Andrew's Wedding!

So this past weekend I visited Emily and Andrew's wedding just down the road from us here at the Shoot It Yourself headquarters. Not only were they SO amazing to let me go along to their wedding - but they also let me in with my GoPro! So if you were sat there wondering what you would use a GoPro for on your wedding day, wonder no more! We've got a list of 6 fantastic 'GoPro Wedding Filming Tips' for you guys to steal and use to your hearts content! Continue reading

Wedding Video of The Week #55

Wedding Video of The Week - Jessica & Matt!

This week I've chosen one of favourite weddings as Wedding Video of The Week - and I couldn't be more excited to show it to you guys! Jessica and Matt chose the stunning Keythorpe Manor as their wedding venue, and it served as the perfect backdrop for this happy couple's big day. Every time I watch these guys' footage back I end up smiling and laughing so hard, there are so many brilliant moments that our cameras captured, so many in fact that I had to make their video longer for this feature!!
Continue reading

Go Pro Wedding Video

GoPro Wedding VideoAll month we've been giving away a free GoPro hire if you book any of our packages but the challenge was that we didn't have any GoPro wedding video footage of our own. So I gate crashed Emily and Andrew's wedding (they were clients of ours don't worry!) and the footage that I was able to capture was way better than I could've ever hoped!

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Wedding Video of The Week #54

Wedding Video of The Week - Sam and Sunita!

We've got a cultural overload for you this week with Sam and Sunita's 4 DAY wedding extravaganza! Not only did they celebrate with an English wedding ceremony, they also had an Indian wedding celebration AS WELL! This happy couple described their day as 'a nonstop party with all their favourite people' - and I couldn't have described it better!
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Wedding Video of The Week #53

Wedding Video of The Week - April and David!

We're in Worcestershire for Wedding Video of the Week this week, with April and David giving us exclusive access to their wedding day! After their beautiful church service, they partied the night away at Gorcott Hall in Redditch, with it's picturesque surrounding and stunning inner grounds, I had MAJOR venue envy - and I'm not even getting married!

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Our Brilliant Filming Ideas!

August - Month of Awesome Filming Ideas!

Here at Shoot It Yourself we're dedicating the ENTIRE month of August to 'Awesome Filming Ideas' inspired by YOU and our video cameras! To kick start the month we've been posting our favourite 'filming ideas' from past weddings and you guys have been LOVING THEM! So here's a run down of everything we've posted this week! Continue reading

Wedding Video of The Week #52

Wedding of The Week - Emma and Jake!

This week Emma and Jake let us in on their beautiful countryside wedding, complete with teepees, early morning drinking and a DONUT WEDDING CAKE! If that's not enough to satisfy your Wedding of The Week cravings, then I need to go back to the drawing board! Not only all of that, they're big day wasn't filmed too badly either... Continue reading

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