Norfolk Countryside Wedding

Laura stood with Jamie outside a wooden door. Laura is wearing Jamies sunglasses

This Wedding Video Of The Week is set in the heart of the Norfolk countryside at a truly magnificent medieval estate. I bet it's the first time they've seen a bearded groom in a full green tartan suit too!

Laura and Jamie got married in The Great Barn, the largest brick-built barn in the country, with 180 ‘loop-hole’ windows! What a backdrop for your wedding; perfect for the ultimate Norfolk countryside wedding.

Jamie and Laura inside Hales Hall

Laura and Jamie met almost 12 years ago, so they had plenty of time to think about what kind of wedding they wanted. Laura said:

"We wanted to be surrounded by all our friends and family and celebrate with plenty of good food, wine and music. I think we nailed it!"

And nailed it they did!

Laura smiling and laughing at Jamie

Laura and Jamie's personalities shone through in this video. It's filled with snippets that are uniquely them! With Laura dancing throughout the day and Jamie wearing an eye-catching green tartan suit, yes you heard me, a green tartan suit. Amazing right! Even if he had to Google how to tie the tie!

Jamie and his grooms men all wearing green tartan suits

Laura looked stunning in her lace long-sleeved dress with a cape that showed off her peacock tattoo. She opted for a sheer cape instead of a veil and I love that idea! Like her dad, I also got a bit emotional seeing Laura in her dress for the first time (brilliantly captured by our video cameras I might add!)

Laura in her lace wedding dress holding flowers and two people helping her put on the cape

Dad wiping his eyes after seeing Laura in her dress for the first time

Laura and her bridesmaids stood outside Hales Hall. The bridesmaids are wearing pink dresses

Laura's ace team of bridesmaids (pictured above ?) did an amazing job of the filming. They made everyone feel right at home in front of the cameras while still jumping right into the action themselves. That's #bridesmaidfilminggoals right there!

Jamie being held by his groomsmen

Did you know Jamie is actually really shy? We didn't!

We were keen to have some video footage of the day but despite appearances Jamie is a bit shy and didn't like the idea of a videographer following us for the day. We were on the fence until we found out about Shoot It Yourself. 

Jamie dipping Laura to kiss her after the ceremony

The bridesmaids followed Laura and Jamie around, making sure not to miss a single thing. They captured Laura getting ready in the morning and having a pamper session with pretty scary looking black facemasks - they're charcoal apparently ??‍♀️ Laura and her bridesmaids also recreated the 'Mamma Mia' getting ready scene, pretending to do Laura's hair and paint her nails before cracking open the bubbly and practising their dance moves.

After the ceremony, the bridesmaids jumped from table to table at the wedding breakfast. Talking to the guests at this point they captured some brilliant reactions whilst people were tucking into Nanna Burge's 'special drink'. From some of the reactions, I think the hangover kit was going to get a lot of use!

Hangover kit in a brown bag and a red liquid in a bottle with a tag that reads "made by Nanna Burge"

This Norfolk countryside wedding was also full of little hints of Laura and Jamie; personalised touches that made the day that even more special. My favourite touch had to be the polaroids of Laura and Jamie from their life together hanging on fairy lights. I 'awww-ed' out loud when I saw them!

Polaroids showing photos of Laura and Jamie on a light string

The bridesmaids kept hold of the video cameras at the head table which was a great idea as they captured moments of Laura and Jamie whilst they were eating - be sure to watch out for 'Vampire Laura'. She was definitely living her best life!

They brought the cameras onto the dance floor capturing moments late into the evening whilst still having a blast! They managed to film all the best bits of the evening including lots of dancing, incredible inflatable weight lifting and a POV shot of the filmers getting stuck into some Jagerbombs!

Laura and Jamie stood in the grounds of Hales Hall in a prom pose but Laura holding Jamie

Laura had this to say about the wedding video we edited for them:

We had a lot of guests and were whisked from place to place for much of the day so didn't get to see a lot of the action. We had no idea what footage had been captured so it was such a wonderful surprise to see the final edit!

Laura, Jamie and Guests about to sit down for a meal in the Great Barn

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Credits go to: Hales Hall and Beth Moseley Photography