Dragons' Den

We often get asked about our experience on Dragons' Den and how things are working out with Hilary Devey. The answer is probably not what you would've expected!


 Appearing on Dragons' Den was one of the best decisions we ever made.

We were confident that we had a good business idea and we were over the moon that Hilary Devey wanted to invest £60,000 in return for a 26% share in our business. We came out of the den in September 2011 feeling as if we had won the lottery!

Watch our performance on Dragons' Den below >>

 After several meetings with Hilary and her Management Team it became clear that we both wanted different things and we decided to go our separate ways in March 2012. Shoot It Yourself was born out of our need to balance work and a busy family life - we certainly had no intention of going back to 7 day working weeks and 16 hour days!

Since appearing on Dragons' Den, the business has gone from strength to strength.

We now employ a team of 10 people from our offices in the Cotswolds and we produce over 300 amazing wedding videos a year. It turns out that we didn't need investment after all - just a healthy dose of confidence and the guts to 'just do it!'