Shoot It Yourself Education VideosShoot It Yourself Education Videos


Use video content not just to help students with learning and to increase enjoyment of their learning experience but to also promote your institution and to keep past, present and future students engaged and interested in what your school can offer them.

 Our cameras can be used in a wide variety of situations across different educational institutions to create short and informative videos about your school. Use our cameras to document and share your school successes such as seasonal school plays, sports trips and residentials. Or you could film a campus tour to introduce new students to your faculty. The benefit of using videos in an educational setting are limitless and with our professional editing service, we can create valuable, inspirational and fun video content that you can share with your parents and students, helping them feel more invested in what is happening at your school.
Our Education video packages start from £495 which includes:
  • 1 Sony AX33 handicam
  • 1 Velbon tripod
  • 3 hours of filming time
  • 1 three to four minute edited video with royalty free music
  • Video delivered on USB and uploaded to the internet
Why not hire an extra camera with another 3 hours of filming time for £200 to give yourself two different angles which makes for a more professional finished video?
 Our packages also include online video tutorials that will support you, step by step, with what you need to film and how best to film it. Send us your school logo, preferred choice of music and personalised graphics and we’ll professionally edit your footage into a bespoke, genuine, education video. Get in touch today to find out more.