Shoot It Yourself Human Resources VideosShoot It Yourself Human Resources Videos


Picking the right staff for your business is the most important investment you can make. Why not video your interview candidates to make sure you get it right?

 Filming your interview process has multiple benefits and can lead to not only greater analysis of the candidates answers but also helps to refine your recruitment process. Using our video cameras, film all your strongest candidates during interview and then with our professional editing services, we can quickly create a video to help better review your prospective employees, helping you and your team make the right decision on who gets the job.
Our Human Resources video packages start from £495 which includes:
  • 1 Sony AX33 handicam
  • 1 Velbon tripod
  • 3 hours of filming time
  • Up to 5 edited candidate videos
  • 1 professional ring light
  • (additional candidates charged at £50 each)
  • Video delivered on USB and uploaded to the internet
 Our packages also include online video tutorials that will support you, step by step, with what you need to film and how best to film it. Send us your company logo, preferred choice of music and personalised graphics and we’ll professionally edit your footage into a bespoke, genuine, HR video. Get in touch today to find out more.