Shoot It Yourself Travel Videos


Travel is exciting, awe-inspiring and breathtaking and make up the most memorable of our life experiences. Why not capture this on video to share and relive time and time again?

 Travellers want to do more than just watch videos about travel, they want to connect with the locations they are thinking about visiting. They want to watch real life stories, from videos that feature personal travel experiences, content which historically has been difficult and expensive to produce. Not anymore.

Hire one of our video cameras to capture your familiarisation trips and we'll professionally edit the footage into a whole range of videos from teaser videos for Facebook and Twitter, to longer 'blog' length videos for YouTube featuring copyright free music, graphics and logos.

We will also create step by step video tutorials on what you should be filming and offer assistance with production values and script writing for voiceover. With our help, you could mobilise your travel advisors to create a whole variety of videos from the same raw footage, to be used as both a sales resource and for marketing purposes, with very little involvement.

All of our corporate packages include our new Video Sharing App which everyone can download to their smart phones, record video clips and then send them to us to be professionally edited


 We will also support you, step by step, with video tutorials to show you what to film and how best to film it. Send us your company logo, preferred choice of music and personalised graphics and we’ll professionally edit your footage into a bespoke travel video. Get in touch today to find out more.