Shoot It Yourself How It Works


With over 10 years experience as TV directors and over 1500 wedding videos under our belt, we can show you just how easy it is to film an awesome wedding video without even trying!

 One of the most popular questions we get asked is "isn't it a lot to ask my friends and family to film my wedding video for me?" So we're created a whole series of fun video tutorials which you can share with your filmers to show them just how easy it is. Why not sign up to our 'Top Tips Newsletter' which covers all the top filming tips and tricks to show you just how easy and how much fun it can be!
 Asking one person to film the whole wedding is definitely too much to ask! We recommend allocating 5 or 6 different filmers before the wedding day so that everyone knows when it's their turn with the camera and it doesn't feel like a burn but more like a fun activity to look forward to on the day
Who Will I Ask To Film My Wedding Video?
How Much Filming Time Will I Need?
Things to Avoid When Filming Your Wedding
How To Film The Wedding Ceremony