Shoot It Yourself How It Works


Your honeymoon will be THE most exciting holiday of your life! Download our Shoot It Yourself app and we'll upload video clips from your trip and we'll make a professional video that you'll cherish forever.

Going anywhere exciting for your honeymoon? Why not download our video app and film your honeymoon and we'll create a whole 'travel vlog' of your adventures. Which is exactly what Emily and Matthew did when they went on a road trip round the USA!

There is nothing more exciting than waking up on the morning of your wedding right? Well...unless you're about to get on a plane for the best holiday of your life! Film it! Thanks to our video sharing app you don't need to take our video cameras with you on your travels. Just film your honeymoon on the go using your phones and when you get to some wifi, upload the clips and we'll make a honeymoon montage that everyone will want to watch!

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