Shoot It Yourself How It Works


The best way to capture your wedding day is by giving our video cameras to your mates and allowing our team of professional editors to turn it into a wedding video that really captures your wedding day how you want to remember it!

 Two days before your wedding, we deliver your video cameras by national courier and they're tracked by our dedicated Logistics and Kit Prep department to make sure that they arrive safely. After the wedding, we'll arrange for a courier to collect the your video cameras and once they arrive back in the office, the memory cards are passed to our Post Production Department.
 Our Sony Video Cameras are super lightweight and easy to use and come with directional microphones which means much better sound for your all important ceremony and speeches! Before we start editing your video, we ask you to complete a Post Wedding Questionnaire with all your music choices, special requests and personal moments that you'd like us to include. We spend a WHOLE week watching the footage, matching the best clips to your own choice of music and polishing the wobbly bits to make sure that the video you receive is the most professional it can be!
Check out what makes us different to a traditional wedding videographer in this video below: