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We're only ever as good as our last video, so check out some of our recent examples!

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With over 1,500 happy customers, there's plenty of videos to watch through!

Beth & Ben's Movie Trailer

The energy levels from these guys was 100% off the chart. Everyone was involved with showing what a happy day it was and captured it all on our cameras!

MaryAnn & Davids Movie Trailer!

We saw EVERYTHING at this wedding from confetti cannons to a Greatest Showman choreographed first dance!

Grace & Tom's Movie Trailer

The minute the cameras got switched on there was pure mayhem! From sliding down banisters, hanging out of the car, and pulling faces and any photo opportunity!

Emily & Andrew's Movie Trailer!

The bridesmaids not only made sure they got themselves on camera a lot, but also asked how the bride was feeling - as did the boys as well!

Lindsey & Adam's Movie Trailer!

Their traditional Jewish ceremony had EVERYTHING from standing on glasses and the Groom being thrown in the air on a blanket!

Jess & Dan's Movie Trailer!

From Groom Dan twerking CONSTANTLY, to everyone waving or busting their best moves in front of the cameras, this party was one to remember!

Nikki & Trevor's Movie Trailer!

From stunning weather to impromptu dancing down the aisle, and even a bit of Elvis, they treated us to their beautiful wedding celebrations!

Sadie & Christian's Movie Trailer!

Ohhh, we all like to be beside the seaside - it's time to 'Roll Up, Roll Up!' with Sadie and Christian at their funfair wedding!

Lauren & Joshua's Movie Trailer!

They filmed some brilliant wedding footage, which included groom Josh breaking his phone and a VERY different set of singing waiters!


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Donna and Ian

“"I really would say anyone debating getting Shoot It Yourself, stop debating and just do it! We couldn't have wished for a better record of the most important days of our lives."