Shoot It Yourself How It Works

Why SIY?

We sometimes get asked "why would we want to film our own wedding when we could pay someone to film it for us?" Here's why!

The biggest difference between us and a traditional wedding videographer is the style of footage; whilst a videographer will capture the beautiful imagery of your day, their footage won't be as personal or as fun as your friend's. Check out this video below which explains why we're different....and better!

With your friends and family behind the cameras, you're able to capture your wedding day through the eyes of the people who love you most. They are able to capture all of the fun and excitement from behind the scenes that would normally be missed.

We then use our editing wizardry to turn your home video footage into a fun, professional wedding video that everyone will actually want to watch! And if that's not enough to convince you, we asked Lucy and Sam what they thought of their Shoot It Yourself wedding video

Watch the video below >>

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