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  • This week’s Wedding Video Of The Week we are in the heart of Wiltshire at the wedding of Matt and Catherine, embracing all things quintessentially British. Their country garden wedding began with their ceremony at the local village church followed by the reception and party in the grounds of Catherine’s family Wiltshire home.The weather and the surroundings all contributed to those country garden wedding vibes with Catherine and her bridesmaids were all decked out in floral dressing gowns on the morning of the wedding and Matthew and his groomsmen getting a quick tipple in at the local country pub before heading off for the ceremony #linkinbio ☀️🥂🍻 ———————————— And we are so glad that they DID film all their morning wedding prep because the marquee is literally a pinterester’s dream! Matt and Catherine's marquee was full to the brim with beautiful greenery, with crates full of ivy and white blooms adorning the entrance as well as running delicately down the centre of the tables. We especially swooned over the amazing idea to have crates full of ferns, ivy and eucalyptus leaves hanging from the ceiling of the marquee, suspended above the tables. So simple and so effective! Check out the blog for more photos and to watch their video 🌿🌱🍀 ———————————— 📸 @lydia.stamps 💒 @abbasmarquees1 ———————————— #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #instawedding #newlyengaged #2019wedding #weddingideas #weddinginspo #bridalinspiration #inspiremyinstagram #instacool #weddingflowers #floralfix #flowersofinstagram #lydiastampphotography #abbasmarquees

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  • When I'm not watching wedding video edits or running around with a GoPro on a gimbal, you'll find me in my garden (@cotswoldgardener) I'm a passionate gardener and love nothing more than digging around in my flower beds, planting seeds in my greenhouse and growing my own veggies. Which is why I'm SOOOOO excited to have been asked to be the @weddingideas Roving Reporter at the Chelsea Flower Show this year. There are so many stunning gardens to get inspiration for your wedding flowers but also the world's leading growers in the Great Pavilion where I'll be asking the experts for all their top tips and advice. Follow our socials for all the latest floral trends this Friday and prepare for a pinterester's dream. #chelseaflowershow #chelseaflowershow2019 @rhs_chelseaflowershow #rhschelsea #gardendesigns #weddingflowers #backtonature #forgetmeknots #mentalhealthawareness #floralcrowns #peonybouquet #weddingbouquet #davidaustin #flowermagic

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  • @Tackley_Scouts Looks like they had such a lovely time 😊

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  • @Tackley_Scouts Love it!!

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  • This week’s Wedding Video Of The Week couple were never in any doubt that they needed Shoot It Yourself at their wedding because they valued all things unique at their winter wedding at Blakelands Country House in Staffordshire 🤩 #linkinbio —————— Although they had designated people to take turns filming their special day, their guests were SO keen, they didn't want to give up the cameras! #weddingvideogoals —————— Carl and Amy's wedding was full of surprises, including some amazing Singing Waiters. Get your napkins READY and read our blog to find out why.... —————— 📸 💒 @blakelandscountryhouse —————— #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #blakelandscountryhouse #kingsleystudiosphotography #uniqueweddingvideo #countryhousewedding

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  • My phone rang. It was May 2013 and the first day I’d been by myself in our new house with 15-week-old son Sydney since moving my whole family up to Cotswolds. My house was in disarray with moving boxes still unpacked, Sydney was attached to the boob furiously feeding and my phone rang. I couldn’t get signal unless I was right by my front door, so not wanting to disturb Syd, I dangled him and myself as close to the front door as I could, boob out, phone balanced between shoulder and ear. It was my maternity cover: “How would you feel if I told you I was going to leave” ————— And that was that. My maternity cover had got another job elsewhere and I was straight back into work again with a three year old in part time childcare and Sydney still only a newborn. So, do I regret being a working mum. HELL, NO. I try not to regret anything. To regret something is to wish it never happened and, although there are definitely times in my life where I have been tested, if you didn’t challenge yourself a bit and push yourself outside your comfort zone, then life would indeed be a dull thing. To live a life of regret, is to live a life stuck in the past and I firmly believe you should always move forwards. ————— Read more about why I don’t regret a second of being a working mum #linkinbio ————— #mumpreneur #workingmum #mumlife #workthatworks #smallbusiness #mumgoals #familybusiness #entrepeneur #thejuggleisreal #weddingvideo #weddingvideography #shootityourself #workhard

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  • We know we aren’t the only ones celebrating all things Liverpool today ⚽️ 🏆 so aptly this week’s Wedding Video of The Week is from Laura and Colin, who got married this March at the RMS Titanic Hotel 🚢 in Liverpool #linkinbio . . This beautiful grade II listed building provided the perfect setting for this wedding with groom Colin proclaiming on the morning of the big day, “It’s MY day. It’s My rules”. Yes! That’s @shootityourself right there 👌🏻 . . Needless to say, their filmers’ coverage of the day was ON POINT. Not one part of the day has been missed, ensuring that these guys now have a video that perfectly encapsulates their day. And it’s certainly a day FULL of emotion. GET READING! 👀 . . 💒 @30jamesst . 📸 @project.valentine . . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #liverpoolwedding #rmstitanichotel #projectvalentine #lfc #championsleague #youllneverwalkalone

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  • This week’s Wedding Video Of The Week perfectly fits into our No Regrets month as Aimee & Tino completely encapsulate all the reasons why you should get a wedding video! #linkinbio . Aimee and Tino BOSSED their wedding video from the start & the energy and fun they had on their wedding day is completely infectious! Tino's dance moves alone just make me want to watch their video over and over again and I guarantee that a watch of this gem of a video is going to make you smile all day long #allthefeels 😊 . 💒 @themillbarnsvenue . 📸 @paulandnanda . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #themillbarns #paulandnanda #shropshirewedding #groomdance

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  • ⚠ NO REGRETS MONTH IS HERE! ⚠ A brides biggest regret is NOT getting a wedding video and the biggest barrier is cost 😫 But we've come up with a GENIUS idea 💡How about paying nothing until AFTER the wedding day 🙌🏼 Find out more on our blog and sign up to our newsletter on our website 👉🏼 #noregrets #yolo #fomo #weddingplanning #weddinggoals #2019bride #2019wedding #weddinginspo

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  • Who wants to win a free wedding video? 🙋🏼 This spring we had an overwhelming reponse to our 'Win a Wedding Video' Competition with over 1000 people signing up @thenationalweddingshow the length and breath of the country. We're going to be picking a winner LIVE on Facebook at 1pm TODAY so make sure you've got your phone with you because if you don't pick up....we'll move on 😫 Tune in to see what happens on our FB Page in less than an hour 🙌🏻

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  • For this week's Wedding Video Of The Week we're taking you to the beautiful Welsh countryside, near Aberystwyth, to the wedding of Jamie and Lucy, who had a movie themed wedding day at the stunning Conrah Hotel . Excitement was HIGH right from the start of the day with the bride jumping up and down on the bed screaming ‘IT'S MY WEDDING DAY!!’ and the groomsmen giving Jamie a rude awakening with the camera, busting into his room in the morning to wake him up (well, you get the cameras two days before the wedding, so why not start as you mean to go on?!) . But mainly we loved this wedding video because Jamie and Lucy’s friends went to such efforts to make sure it was the best day of their lives. During the speeches, they all surprised the bride and groom with a choreographed dance routine to Dirty Dancing, which was obviously caught on our cameras, forever preserved. What a way to show your best mates how much you love them! #linkinbio . 📸 @ffocalpointphotography 💒 @gwestyconrahhotel . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #conrahhotel #ffocalpointphotography #moviethemewedding #dirtydancing #welshwedding

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  • Going on holiday is like resetting the router. It clears everything in your cache, your history, the tabs that aren’t that important and gives you a clean slate and in these moments, my motivation and ambition have never been clearer. I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas, I write lists of huge (some would say crazy) goals that I’d like to achieve, I spend the rare moments of peace from playing bat and ball and body boarding (I have three kids so I don’t get much peace) daydreaming of success and what it actually looks like. I’m sure my team think I’m mad. Maybe I am. Maybe most people spend their holidays totally switching off and relaxing but I’ve come to realise that I don’t actually enjoy not doing anything. What a wasted opportunity! All those big, rich, juicy ideas that are normally squashed by my kids hectic after school regime or meal planning, just waiting for their opportunity to shine. Why would I not write them down and get excited about them? I get on the plane home with notebooks full to bursting and literally itching to get started. Shoot It Yourself epitomises this passion for life; the love of fun, with friends and family, making memories. And this is what holidays are all about. It’s no surprise then that it’s in these moment I find my greatest moments of clarity 🙌🏻 So the next time I get on a plane (in July so it happens) and I wonder if it’s a bit negligent to be going on holiday again and leaving the business, I’ll reread this post and go back to my notebook and remember how important it is to take time to reboot the server. You are responsible for your own joy and your choices - our lives are not shaped by our conditions but our decisions. You can’t put a price on being happy in the sunshine but if you could, I’d say it’s priceless.

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  • This week’s Wedding Video of The Week is from one of our most favourite clients, Victoria Wright, who has booked Shoot It Yourself SIX times! Victoria has reminded us this week how much we love the couples that we make videos for. She is a prime example of why most of our bookings come from friend and family referrals. She saw us and loved the concept and that was it – now her friendship group have decided to gift the Shoot It Yourself package for each other’s weddings until they are all married #friendshipgoals Ultimately, she values the same things in life that we do which is why our videos work so well amongst all her friends - to live life to its fullest, surrounded by the people you love the most. So, we’re handing over to Victoria herself this week to hear from her personally as to why she believes Shoot It Yourself is the ultimate wedding gift #linkinbio Credits 📸 @martinbeardphotography 💒 @milsomskesgravehall

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  • This week, we are celebrating all things 'do it yourself' with Rosie and Luke's awesome wedding video. These guys decided that they could tailor make their wedding day AND cut costs at the same time, making sure they could then invest in all the things they REALLY wanted at their wedding - like a Shoot It Yourself wedding video, natch! . . . But these guys definitely did not cut costs on the fun factor of their wedding, making sure our cameras were there for their whole wedding weekend. As a result, Luke and Rosie's video captured all the love and energy that made their wedding day so special 😍 #linkinbio @rosie_giles1 . . . 📸@gabriela_matei.photographer 💒 @follyfarmcentre . . . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #outdoorwedding #bespokewedding #gabrielamateiphotography #follyfarm

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  • Chloe and Matt’s autumn wedding was always going to be amazing, especially when you see the awesome historic country residence they choose to host their weekend wedding events at. Cowdray House, situated at the heart of the 16,500 acre Cowdray Estate in West Sussex, made the most beautiful setting for Chloe and Matt’s big day – we completely fell in love with all the classic romance of their autumn wedding 🍂 . . . But it was also amazing because Chloe and Matt’s friends totally BOSSED filming their wedding. We love to watch a video where the friends have embraced our cameras as though it was their ‘plus one’ so that right from the start of the day, the energy and excitement of the wedding day is captured forever. This is the power of our videos – seeing your most special day through the eyes of the people that you love the most #linkinbio 💛 . . . 📸 @mattsimphoto 🏰 @cowdrayestate . . . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #autumnwedding #countryhousewedding #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #mattsimphoto #cowdrayhouse #friendshipgoals

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  • With spring having sprung and the clocks going forward this weekend, we thought we’d take you 🔙 to the end of summer at Frankie and Alex’s outdoor tipi wedding #linkinbio . . . Held at the beautiful Lodge Farm House in Hertfordshire, set within twenty acres of rolling countryside, Frankie and Alex were married in the gardens of the farmhouse with a reception and party held under fairy lights and an awesome tipi 🏕 . . . Our little cameras were behind the scenes all day – capturing all the excitement of the morning of the wedding, the beautiful outdoor ceremony underneath an archway of flowers and, of course, all the drinking antics later in the day #tequilacam #goprogoals . . . 📸 @elliegillardphotography ⛺️ #lodgefarmhouse . . . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #elliegillardphotography #lodgefarmhouse #outdoorwedding #tipiwedding #teepeewedding

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  • Lovin’ all the #festivefeels for this week’s Wedding Video Of The Week 🤗 Spring may have sprung (finally!) but we’re taking you back to Winter this week with a wedding video full of Christmas spirit 🎄 . . . Philippa and Steve’s December wedding featured a beautiful church ceremony, sparkly bridesmaids dresses and tartan suits for Steve and his groomsmen. Not to mention their Christmas party full of fairy lights and glow sticks. PARTY GOALS! #linkinbio . . . 📸 @chappersphotos 💒 #thametowncricketclub . . . #hohoho #christmaswedding #winterwedding #festivefeels #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #nigelchapmanphotography #thametowncricketclub

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  • Sometimes running your own business is like 🤯 and then you feel a bit like 🤢 because there is never enough time and everything feels like it could go to 💩 at any moment. . . Add into the mix that your eldest daughter is turning 10 and has requested a DIY SOS style bedroom makeover, your husband is away with work for 2 weeks and you've committed to the filming the biggest awards show in the Travel Industry. Last week was HECTIC. . . The editor editing the awards show called in sick on the day that the videos were due to be delivered and my car insurance expired MID dash to Ikea to buy frames, succulents and scented candles (*a genuine FML moment!) Sometimes its all a bit too much. And thats ok. . . I've learnt to go to bed early, make lists, dig deep and keep your eye on the prize. In those moments its easy to waste time thinking about all the things that are hard, that you're not going to have time to do or the reasons you're failing. You can stop yourself thinking those things you know (*they're pointless and get in the way of your success so don't entertain them) . . Remember that these times will pass and the joy you'll get from your success outweighs the stress of getting there. Here is my daughter in her 10 year old bedroom and here is us presenting the award to Kuoni at the Travel Marketing Awards. Every morning you have 2 choices - continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them. I know which one we chose @becsbaldwin 👊🏻Happy Monday everyone😍 . . . #mondaymotivation #mondaygoals #weddingvideography #weddingvideos #bossingit #bebrave #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #thejuggleisreal #mumpreneurs #creativebusiness #hardworkpays #dreambig

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  • It’s Wedding Video of The Week time👌🏻As a lover of all things nature and horticultural, I couldn't be more excited about editing Alex and Alex's woodland wedding, nestled among the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California 🌲 It was the ultimate coming together of two worlds, 5000 miles apart, in more ways than one! Head to our blog to see just how beautiful this wedding setting really was 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇬🇧 #linkinbio . . . 🌲 @nestldownevents . 📸 @joelatterphotographer . . . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #woodlandwedding #destinationwedding #outdoorwedding #americanwedding #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #joelatterphotography #nestldown #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #alternativeweddingideas

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  • Four months ago, we decided that it was time for Shoot It Yourself to grow. Our business has always complimented our family commitments, allowing us to spend time with our kids while they are little. Now they are all a bit more independent, it’s time for us to nurture our business baby 👶🏼 👊🏻 . . . Tonight we’ve been invited to film the @thetravelmarketingawards at the @Hilton and we are excited to meet the thought leaders in the travel marketing industry ✈️ . . . We’ve always felt our business would thrive in the travel industry, creating great video content from experiences happening around the world. We’re excited to be able to offer video and story telling workshops to empower travel teams to film their own videos, with us then turning it into awesome video assets, specific to all the digital & social media platforms. Watch this space! 💪🏻🌍 🙌🏻 . . . #ttma #ttma19 #travelmarketingawards #travelmarketing #corporatevideo #travelvideo #storytelling #shootityourself #videomarketing #videoproduction #corporatevideography

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  • Second day at @thenationalweddingshow in Manchester. Meeting lots of awesome newly engaged couples, excited to find out all about @shootityourself! 👌🏻💛#weddingshow #nationalweddingshow #weddingvideos #weddingvideography

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  • On #iwd2019, this message seems especially apt considering the busy week our little company has had. . @emilyjparkes and @becsbaldwin smashed it at the @thenationalweddingshow last weekend. . @mcdowellandie and @emilyjparkes had successful meetings with large corporates who love our app and camera packages & want us to provide them with ongoing video content. . And @emilyjparkes and @becsbaldwin are currently en route to meet more lovely couples at the @thenationaweddingshow this weekend in Manchester & are squeezing an exciting meeting in before they build the stand this evening 👊🏻 . When women empower each other, incredible things can happen. Thank you to all the women in our lives that make our success possible. We couldn’t do it without you 👊🏻 #internationalwomensday #empoweringwomen #bosslady #equalityforeveryone #weddingvideography #weddingvideo #successmindset #successfulwomen

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