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  • @BrighterPR @The_TMAs You should also win the award for best reaction too 🤩 Well done you guys 👊🏻

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  • Sometimes running your own business is like 🤯 and then you feel a bit like 🤢 because there is never enough time and everything feels like it could go to 💩 at any moment. . . Add into the mix that your eldest daughter is turning 10 and has requested a DIY SOS style bedroom makeover, your husband is away with work for 2 weeks and you've committed to the filming the biggest awards show in the Travel Industry. Last week was HECTIC. . . The editor editing the awards show called in sick on the day that the videos were due to be delivered and my car insurance expired MID dash to Ikea to buy frames, succulents and scented candles (*a genuine FML moment!) Sometimes its all a bit too much. And thats ok. . . I've learnt to go to bed early, make lists, dig deep and keep your eye on the prize. In those moments its easy to waste time thinking about all the things that are hard, that you're not going to have time to do or the reasons you're failing. You can stop yourself thinking those things you know (*they're pointless and get in the way of your success so don't entertain them) . . Remember that these times will pass and the joy you'll get from your success outweighs the stress of getting there. Here is my daughter in her 10 year old bedroom and here is us presenting the award to Kuoni at the Travel Marketing Awards. Every morning you have 2 choices - continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them. I know which one we chose @becsbaldwin 👊🏻Happy Monday everyone😍 . . . #mondaymotivation #mondaygoals #weddingvideography #weddingvideos #bossingit #bebrave #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #thejuggleisreal #mumpreneurs #creativebusiness #hardworkpays #dreambig

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  • @BrighterPR @VisitMaltaUK @The_TMAs Will send on Monday for sure. It’s TV GOLD!!!

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  • @mattroclawski @itsjimmyb @HillsBalfour @MDSG_eu Well done on your win on Monday! We've got a great video clip of you receiving your award for you to share on your digital platforms so we'll be in touch tomorrow with the link 🙌🏼

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  • @vividmanchester @The_TMAs I wonder if they also give out awards for the best dancing too 🤔 Well done on your win on Monday! We've got a great video clip of you receiving your award for you to share on your digital platforms so we'll be in touch tomorrow with the link 🙌🏼

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  • @BrighterPR @VisitMaltaUK @The_TMAs Well done on your win on Monday! LOVED the enthusiasm and the dancing at the end of the night too! We've got a great video clip of you receiving your award for you to share on your digital platforms so we'll be in touch tomorrow with the link 🙌🏼

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  • It’s Wedding Video of The Week time👌🏻As a lover of all things nature and horticultural, I couldn't be more excited about editing Alex and Alex's woodland wedding, nestled among the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California 🌲 It was the ultimate coming together of two worlds, 5000 miles apart, in more ways than one! Head to our blog to see just how beautiful this wedding setting really was 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇬🇧 #linkinbio . . . 🌲 @nestldownevents . 📸 @joelatterphotographer . . . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #woodlandwedding #destinationwedding #outdoorwedding #americanwedding #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #joelatterphotography #nestldown #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #alternativeweddingideas

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  • Readily great to have sponsored the category and to be part of the #TTMA19 🙌🏻

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  • @The_TMAs @gailkennyrec @SkyAdSmart Best night out in ages! Looking forward to editing the video tomorrow 👍🏻

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  • @jetsetchick @The_TMAs Sweet!

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  • @The_TMAs crew in place!!

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  • Four months ago, we decided that it was time for Shoot It Yourself to grow. Our business has always complimented our family commitments, allowing us to spend time with our kids while they are little. Now they are all a bit more independent, it’s time for us to nurture our business baby 👶🏼 👊🏻 . . . Tonight we’ve been invited to film the @thetravelmarketingawards at the @Hilton and we are excited to meet the thought leaders in the travel marketing industry ✈️ . . . We’ve always felt our business would thrive in the travel industry, creating great video content from experiences happening around the world. We’re excited to be able to offer video and story telling workshops to empower travel teams to film their own videos, with us then turning it into awesome video assets, specific to all the digital & social media platforms. Watch this space! 💪🏻🌍 🙌🏻 . . . #ttma #ttma19 #travelmarketingawards #travelmarketing #corporatevideo #travelvideo #storytelling #shootityourself #videomarketing #videoproduction #corporatevideography

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  • @jetsetchick @The_TMAs Definitely! The code is TMA273 and all you need to us download our app, sign up, join an existing project and enter the code 👊🏻

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  • @litchfieldhens Can’t wait!!!

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  • @jetsetchick @The_TMAs How exciting! We're actually sponsoring this category so we hope that you smash it! 👊🏼

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  • @laura_stone28 @The_TMAs Good luck and we might see you there!

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  • @magrath_jemma @graylingcnsmr @The_TMAs Good luck! We'll be there so we might see you there too!

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  • @bellelawrenceIF @iftweeter We'll be at the awards and would love to come and say hello. We're pretty new to the industry too so it would be great to meet some new people 🙌🏼

    13:07 on 11/03/2019
  • Tonight's the night! Can't wait 🎬📲🤗

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  • Really excited about filming @The_TMAs tonight and giving guests the opportunity to film footage of the event using our app - film it on your smart phones, upload it to us and we'll professionally edit 👊🏼 #TTMA19 #travelmarketing

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  • Second day at @thenationalweddingshow in Manchester. Meeting lots of awesome newly engaged couples, excited to find out all about @shootityourself! 👌🏻💛#weddingshow #nationalweddingshow #weddingvideos #weddingvideography

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  • On #iwd2019, this message seems especially apt considering the busy week our little company has had. . @emilyjparkes and @becsbaldwin smashed it at the @thenationalweddingshow last weekend. . @mcdowellandie and @emilyjparkes had successful meetings with large corporates who love our app and camera packages & want us to provide them with ongoing video content. . And @emilyjparkes and @becsbaldwin are currently en route to meet more lovely couples at the @thenationaweddingshow this weekend in Manchester & are squeezing an exciting meeting in before they build the stand this evening 👊🏻 . When women empower each other, incredible things can happen. Thank you to all the women in our lives that make our success possible. We couldn’t do it without you 👊🏻 #internationalwomensday #empoweringwomen #bosslady #equalityforeveryone #weddingvideography #weddingvideo #successmindset #successfulwomen

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  • Our superstar Wedding Video of The Week couple this week are Lolly and Olly! Already their names are making us smile and just wait until you see their wedding video. Their beautiful barn wedding provided the quintessential English countryside backdrop to this dreamy couple’s wedding day 🥰 . . Not only do we love the emotional moment Laura’s Dad sees her for the first time in her dress, but we chuckled away at the cheeky groomsmens’ capers the morning of the wedding #linkinbio . . 📸 - @guycollierphoto 💒 - @gatestreetbarn1 . . #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #barnwedding #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #guycollierphotography #gatestreetbarn #weddingvideos #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog #2019wedding #alternativeweddingideas #diywedding

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  • So Emily did a bit of research this week and it's come to our attention that 80% of the people who book us have been recommended by friends who have used us. This means two things - 1) that our customers love their wedding video so much they've decided to big us up to everyone but 2) we're only really scratching the surface in terms of reaching out to new customers who’be never heard of us. . But as a small business, advertising is tricky. It's expensive, difficult to qualify and doesn't always work. We always do really well at the @thenationalweddingshow because it's an opportunity to radiate our joy and passion for what we do directly to the people who are getting married, face to face. No brainer. But how else do we get our word out there? . We write weekly blogs to share our favourite wedding videos (Wedding Video of the Week coming tomorrow at midday BTW) and we do lots of stuff on Facebook and Instagram but maybe we're missing a trick and perhaps you can help us? . A personal recommendation from a friend is worth more than an advert in a magazine any day of the week; it's also more trusted, more genuine and more likely to result in someone booking a wedding video with us. So how about it? Can you help us share the Shoot It Yourself love? We're not asking you to put a sticker in your car (although that's not such a bad idea actually 🤔) or wear a t-shirt with our logo to work (that would just be weird!) but if you are a member of a wedding facebook group and someone asks about wedding videos, why not give us a shout out? Or if your hair dresser mentions that they're getting married next time you're having your highlights done, you could mention us? . The thing is that fun, outgoing, positive, happy, enthusiastic people like us....and they have like minded friends who would also like us 🙌🏼 It is true that as a small business, every time someone books a wedding video, we actually cheer (@emilyjparkes has a little bell that she rings bell) because it's another bill paid, another salary covered and another opportunity to create a wedding video that will end up being priceless as time goes by. So if you love what we do, please share. It makes a difference

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  • On my run this morning I listened to @hollytucker – founder of Not On The High Street - podcast where she interviewed @joannehawker who runs her own crafting company talking about the idea of community and how important it is to attract like minded people to share in your success. ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’ she said, and it made me stop and think. Because this weekend was certainly testament to that. . . . For the first time since attending @thenationalweddingshow 9 years ago, we invited two newbies, Kyle and Karim, to speak to our couples and tell them all about the Shoot It Yourself concept, instead of just myself and Andrea. And after 9 years of doing the same old thing on our stand, it was so refreshing to have new talent, passionately talking to all these visitors about why they needed Shoot It Yourself in their life. It was like seeing ourselves 9 years ago when we first started ….they breathed new life into our business and their energy and enthusiasm for what we do was infectious – and as a result we took the highest amount of bookings across a show ever. . . . And it wasn’t just the vibes from Kyle and Karim that were attracting new business to our stand. @emilyjparkes, our amazing Head of Customer Happiness, was also beavering away this weekend, not only taking bookings but face to face meeting couples that loved our idea and wanted to find out more about what we do. We pride ourselves on our customer service here at Shoot It Yourself and Emily is such a big part of that with her friendly, nurturing & attentive personality, answering all the questions and making sure she was able to get back in touch this week with people that we met – making sure our Shoot It Yourself community stays strong. Well done to all the small businesses out there doing something they love and sharing the love. Joy, like passion and positivity, is contagious- spread it folks 🥰

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  • SECOND DAY @thenationalweddingshow and this dream team are already SMASHING IT! So many lovely brides and grooms loving @shootityourself 💛 Come see us on Stand D30 if you’re local #dreamteam #weddingshow #weddingvideos #weddingvideography #bossingit #mumpreneurs

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  • Welcome along to this week’s Wedding Video of The Week, where Yasmin and Carl have whisked us away to The Big Smoke! 🌇 Head to the link in our bio for more! 📸 - @ginfizzphoto 💒 - @regencybanquetingsuite #weddingvideooftheweek #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #citywedding #londonwedding #happycouple💑 #weddingday💍 #2018weddings #bestofthebest #ginfizzphotographic #regencybanquetingsuite #weddingvideos #linkinbio #weeklyweddings #weeklyblog

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  • It’s time for Wedding Video of The Week! This week we sent our lucky little cameras off down the road to Cripps Barn, where Stephanie and Robert held their beautiful big day! #linkinbio👆🏼 📸 - @cotswoldpictures #weddingvideooftheweek #weddingday💍 #brideandgroom #happycouple💑 #crippsbarnwedding #crippsbarn #barnwedding #noelhibbertphotography #cotswoldwedding #cotswolds #shootityourself #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #weddingvideos #SIYwedding #2018wedding #rusticvibes #barnvibes #barnweddingvibes #gloucestershirewedding

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  • That’s a WRAP for @thenationalweddingshow at Olympia. Our feet are sore, we’re losing our voices and we’ve eaten too many ‘e’ numbers but we’ve had a blast. Laters London 👋🏻 #tnws #tnws2019 #weddingshow #weddingideas #weddinginspo #weddingvibes #weddinggoals #weddinginspiration #shootityourself #filmityourself #filmyourwedding

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  • Good morning Sunday 🥓 🍳@thenationalweddingshow #sundaymorning #currentview #bacon #sausages #eggs #letsdothis

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  • We’ve been doing these shows for nearly 10 years and now if there is one thing we’ve learnt, it’s this. Not everyone is going to ‘get it.’ There are still people who’ll walk past, refuse eye contact and ignore me despite my best efforts to be enthusiastic, passionate and kind. But that’s ok. Because then you meet people like these. They are the groups of people who walk round @thenationalweddingshow smiling, laughing and enjoying the process. I’ll explain what we do and their eyes light up. It’s a real light bulb moment 💡 They love the videos, the concept and most of all our passion and belief in what we do. One of the mums we spoke to today who booked one of our wedding video packages for her daughter said it was ‘our energy and enthusiasm’ that convinced them. It’s not a sales gimmick or a scripted pitch. It’s a passion for something that is genuinely great. One women I spoke to today actually said ‘whoever thought of this idea is a total genius.’ I wouldn’t go that far but I’ll take a compliment when I see it 😊 Meeting these guys today and seeing the enthusiasm on their faces as they talk about all the great ideas they have for filming the wedding makes it all worth while. So to all the people who booked today....we’re so glad you did! We celebrated with a glass of wine and a curry this evening and can’t wait to meet more of you at the show tomorrow. #creativemums #weddinginspo #tnws #weddinggoals #radiators #passionoverpaycheque #positivevibes #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #weddingshow #brideandgroom #creativitychasers #weddingvideography #happycouple💑 #weddingday #2019bride

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  • In the van on the way to @thenationalweddingshow bringing the sunshine with us ☀️ See you there folks 👆🏻 #tnws #tnws2019 #2019bride #2019wedding #weddinginspo #weddinggoals #weddingphotography #weddingshow #nationalweddingshow

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  • If Shoot It Yourself did trolleys 🤔 #happyvalentinesday #onbrand #nationalweddingshow #tnws #tnws2019 #creativitychasers

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  • We’re back again this week in leafy Hertfordshire, with Laura and Carl’s beautiful barn wedding stealing the show 😍 Their closest friends and family did a stellar job of making our cameras feel like one of the gang, by making sure they were there at all times to capture the awesome moments that happened throughout the day.... Head to the link in our bio to find out what Laura and Carl got up to on their big day!👆🏼 #weddingvideooftheweek #weddingvideography #2018bride #2018wedding #happycouple💑 #brideandgroom #coltsfootcountryretreat #hertfordshireweddings #barnwedding #rusticvibes #summervibes #summerwedding #weddingdress

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  • When your love of leopard print and all things @zara results in you turning up to work dressed the same 🤦🏼‍♀️ #zarafail #leopardprintfail #fashionvictims #leopardprint #bossingit #wingingit #twinnies #getyourownstylebecsbaldwin 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  • Still not sure what to get for your fiancée this Valentine’s Day? Why not surprise them with a wedding video? Save 10% off any of our wedding video packages using VALENTINES/10 until midnight on the 14th February. It’ll be the best Valentines present you’ll ever give! #valentines #valentinesgifts #valentinesday2019 #weddingcompetition #weddingcomp #weddingvideography #weddingvideographer #weddingphotography #happycouple #2019brides #2019weddings

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  • “I think you should just ditch the yellow and black. It makes your brand look a bit like a bumble bee” said a graphic designer to us recently. . Our brand has kind of grown organically (as most do) and the yellow came from the idea that it was a post it on a cork board which we felt reinforced the idea that Shoot It Yourself was a) a good idea worthy of writing on a post it note and b) DIY filming was easy and achievable for everyone. Whilst I was initially reluctant to get rid of the cork (best thing we ever did thanks to @lisapenrose) the yellow isn’t going anywhere. . I listened to a podcast recently where they were talking about the Head of Communications at Sainsburys being so loyal to the brand that if you cut her in half she would bleed orange and I like this idea. We are a yellow brand. We’re bright and cheery, fun and outgoing, adventurous and ambitious. I’d like to think we’re a bit like sunshine and if that means we look a bit like a shop that might sell things for bumble bees, thats OK because I love gardening and bees so I’m happy to go with that. . When we started Shoot It Yourself we had no idea what a brand even was but one thing we did know is that we needed a strong identity which differentiated us from the other pastel wedding brands. We also stay away from black and white images for the same reason; we’re not a black or white kind of company. . . Find your brand, your values, your colour and live, breath and preach it. Not everyone who is paid to know better than you always knows better than you 😊 #branding #brandidentity #shootityourself #marketingtips #marketingstrategy #smallbusiness #learningasyougo #creativemums #weddingvideographer #weddingvideography #yellowshoes

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