Video Sharing App

Shoot It Yourself How It Works

Video Sharing App

Thanks to our new video sharing app, you can capture your wedding day through the eyes of your friends using their smart phones!

Using our new video sharing app, your friends and family will be able to film video footage on their smart phones and upload to us to be professionally edited. How cool is that?!

And the best thing about it, if you've already booked any of our 2 Camera Video Packages, the app is totally free! Simply download the app, sign up and then click on Create New Project. You'll then be given a unique code which you can share with all your guests via WhatsApp, Message or Email.

Check out this short video on how the app works

One of the best things about the app is that you don't have to film video within the app either! You can record video on the day straight to your camera roll and then upload to us after the wedding once you're connected to a wifi connection. You also have 3 months to get us all the clips from your friends so don't worry about it whilst you're away on your honeymoon - good things are worth waiting for!

Once you're happy that everyone has uploaded all of their footage, simply drop us an email and we'll make sure we include all of your guest's smart phone clip along with the footage from our video cameras.

Our smart phone video sharing app is only available with the Two Camera Packages however if you've already booked a One Camera you can always get in touch before your wedding to get a quote for upgrading. Email to find out more!</p)